Anonymous said: Dude tbh Lindsey Shaw is looking buff as hell this season and I'm sure not complaining. You know what I mean? Her arms! GAAAHHHH.
I replied:

I love her

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fluvcuteshit said: Paily sucks
I replied:

I feel like you hate your life

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Anonymous said: Emison shippers are so abrasive. They're all like "OMG Paige tried to drown Emily" and that's seriously their only defense as to why they don't like the two of them together. It should be like "OMG Ali manipulated Emily and her feelings for years in order to subjugate her for her own personal use." That's far more devastating than a five second dunk when Emily is a seasoned swimmer who is trained to hold her breath. Paige has grown so much from first season, people should cut her some slack.
I replied:

Paige is bae

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Anonymous said: To the anon who said Emily has always and only loved Alison. That's not true. Emily loved Maya, and Emily has told Paige repeatedly that she loves her. Emily may love Alison but you can love more than one person too, it doesn't diminish what you feel.
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Anonymous said: Am I the only one who can't wait until Emily becomes as done with Alison's bullshit as Hanna is?
I replied:


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