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Paily - BTS 5x06
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Just out and about today. #niceday #swimmer


I’m over Emily being all “Alison! Alison! Alison!”. TBH, I prefer Paily. 

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can paily get back together pls

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Lindsey Shaw - Pretty Little Liars
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I was heartbroken, obviously. I want to see Paily work. There is so much invested in Paily and to kind of watch it deteriorate because of the same issues that I thought we had overcome is hard. ."
Lindsey Shaw on Paily breaking up (via aswanepoel)
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Anonymous said: I feel bad for Paige because Emily has always and only loved Alison
I replied:

Except Alison is a little bitch who just uses Emily and Paige actually loves Emily rather than Ali who is a psychotic liar

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